How I’m changing up my holiday project this year

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Are you seeing people talking about different holiday projects they are embarking on? This is something that always seemed so out of reach and beyond reality for me. In 2014 I needed something to help me stay focused and grounded through the holidays and was shocked that I found it through doing a daily project. I’m back today to share … Read More

How we are united – MPS042

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The Kjar family is joining me this week on the show! They are doing what many of us only talk and dream (or maybe fear) about: they sold everything and they are traveling the country in an RV. They are on a mission and journey to find out what makes the United States of America united. They are finding that … Read More

Who tells your story? MPS038

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Every single person’s story matters and can make a difference but it needs to be told! If you don’t tell your story, who will? Learn how you can easily and quickly get your story told through photos, words, and collages. Why should you tell your story?? I’ll share 5 research proven reasons that it will impact and change your life! … Read More

Paper and Tech – MPS037

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Aubree Larsen is a new mom to a one year old, but has been a longtime documenter. She is also an educator/teacher at heart and thought it would be fun to share her different (from mine) process for documenting her life. Aubree has tried a lot of different methods and processes over the years and found something that truly brings … Read More

Talking About Lyme – MPS035

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I have a really exciting update about videos and MySocialBook! I’m also talking a bit about Google Upload and Sync AND what to do if you have recurring internet service provider issues. Then, I’m sharing my journey to my Lyme Disease diagnosis. It’s been a really long road filled with health struggles for me to get to this place. I … Read More

Avoiding Overwhelm – MPS033

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by your photos and/or the stories you want to get told and the memories you want to document? I’ve got 5 ways to help us all avoid overwhelm and keep moving forward and making progress in this episode. How To Eat An Elephant by Chelle My Big Regret

Catching Up – MPS030

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Projects! Big time periods! It can be so overwhelming! I have some listeners that called in their processes and solutions for getting on top of these things. I gathered a lot of inspiration from them and I can’t wait for you to do the same! Plus I’m sharing details about my latest class that I just released a couple of … Read More