Video Editing Apps with Tabitha Carro – MPS021

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The best video editing apps for iOS and Android from beginner to more advanced

Are you ready to jump into video editing apps?? Tabitha Carro is here sharing over SEVENTEEN video editing apps for Android and iOS. Everything from selecting a few photos and videos and having a movie magically made to adding special effects and titles. Keep it super simple or get fancy that’s your thing! Tabitha knows apps and she is inspiring and a joy to listen to as well!

Narrating Apps (Voiceover)

Shadow Puppet, iTunes

Videolicious, iTunes, Google Play

Explain Everything, iTunes, Google Play

iMovie, iTunes

Adobe Spark, iTunes, desktop as well

Stop Motion, iTunes, Google Play


Flashy And/Or Easy Apps

Quik, iTunes, Google Play

Animoto, iTunes, Google Play

Majisto, iTunes, Google Play

Nutshell, iTunes,

Ripl, iTunes, Google Play

Vimo, iTunes, Google Play


Instagram Stories


Full Video Editing Apps

iMovie, iTunes, widescreen output only

VideoShop, iTunes, Google Play, widescreen, square, vertical output

PocketVideo, iTunes, Google Play, output of all sizes

InShot, iTunes, Google Play, blurred margins, both, output of all sizes


Fun App

Lumyer, iTunes, Google Play


Video Collage App

PicPlayPost, iTunes, Google Play