How I’m changing up my holiday project this year

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Are you seeing people talking about different holiday projects they are embarking on? This is something that always seemed so out of reach and beyond reality for me. In 2014 I needed something to help me stay focused and grounded through the holidays and was shocked that I found it through doing a daily project. I’m back today to share with you how I am changing up my annual holiday project to fit my life this year! I’m all about having success – – for myself and for YOU! I’m sharing what I’m doing different this year (backing out to zoom in), what size of pages I will create,  and which products I will be using PLUS the new name for my old project and some new hashtags too! At the end of the new recording, I’m replaying my episode from last year all about this project: how I made it doable, how it changed me, my heart, and my life (and the research that shows why).