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I’m talking about some hard stuff this week: Texas; why I went dark; why I paused my registration campaign, and more. I’m also sharing some announcements that I’m really excited about. Upcoming events in the next few weeks (iOS11, augmented reality), the Apple event next week (and where you can join me to watch and discuss it LIVE).


Hey everyone welcome to modern photo solutions. I’m Steph Clay and I’m so grateful that you’re here with me today. This is a little pre-show before the show. Today’s episode I recorded on August 31st, last Wednesday and today is September something, fourth, fifth, fifth! September 5th. And so as you listen to this show I know you’ll understand why it’s been delayed, as you listen to me explain kind of why I’ve gone a little bit dark on social media. I just want to emphasize that this was the answer for me and I don’t think that it’s necessarily where everybody needs to do. But for me this is what felt authentic and this is what I needed to do. And so that’s what I did. That’s what felt right for me. I understand that it might not be the right solution for everybody.
The business decisions I make based on what feels right in my heart and what feels right on my in my gut and I know that there are other people that do the same thing and their business might look different than mine and that is ok.I am grateful for this opportunity that I had to go a little bit dark and to raise some money for the hurricane Harvey recovery and I’m grateful for all of you that jumped in to help. We¬†were able to raise a fair amount of money and I’m really pleased with what we were able to do. I’ll be sending out a copy of their receipts as soon as the rest of it hits my accounts. There is a two to three day delay between the payment processor and before it gets into my account. But I did want to mention that and tell you all. Thank you for your support. And I will be back at it this week letting you all know about registration for the heart of a fabulous. I feel like I can communicate that message now pausing it for 10 days was the right answer. Like I said earlier, but I do have bills to pay and so I need to get back at it and get some people registered for my class so that my business can can continue to move forward.
Please know that my prayers and my heart is with all of you that are going through really hard natural disasters right now in your area because it always just compounds regular life stuff that we’re all dealing with. So I’m thinking of you. And I’ve had several of you reach out to me via e-mail and the Facebook groups to help you with various situations getting your videos and photos back up before the disaster hits which I’m more than happy to do. So thank you so much for being here. Thank you for sharing some of your time with me and enjoy this week’s episode.
Hey everyone, welcome to Modern Photo Solutions. I am Steph Clay. Thank you for being here with me today. We have some hard things to talk about today, so let’s jump into it. I want to let everyone know first off, in case you have not seen on social media or in the newsletter that I sent out, that I decided to pause my registration campaign for the Heart of Photo Fabulous. So what that means is that I’m not posting on social media about it, I’m not sending out newsletters about it. It’s just the advertising portion of the campaign registration is still open, and I’m not closing that down but I am not advertising it. I will jump back into it sometime next week. Which, will be a good thing. My family does depend on my income from this business. It helps support our family and pays the bills, and so it is something that I need to do but this is why I decided to stop. It goes back to some history I guess, that I’ll share with you a little bit.


My other website is called CapturingMagic.Me. On that website for a long time, I’ve had an exclusive advertising agreement with this company called Disney. They’re the only ones that I’m permitted to allow to advertise on my site, and it’s been a good partnership. But, one of the things that I learned from them was that when there were big things happening in the world, they would often pause their advertising campaigns, and we would get emails saying, “Disney’s going dark,” for however long. What that meant was that they would not post social media, they didn’t post on their blogs, and things like that.


Then when they would jump back into it, they would catch up. They would play catch up, and post the most important stuff that was missed. I’m sure that there was a lot of it that didn’t get posted during that time. It was something that I didn’t know it was a thing. I liked it. I thought it was a really good idea. Then I also had a mentor about a year ago that told me one of the best pieces of advice that she gave me was that I need to be authentic. My voice on social media needs to be authentic. If I’m having a difficult time posting authentically about whatever it is I’m posting about, then I need to go back to the drawing board, and figure things out. And to be careful, to not use different things to promote myself, or to promote things that I have going on. that was really good, really, really good advice.


There have been many times that I’ve stepped away because I just can’t post authentically about something that I’m excited about, or that I should be excited about. As things were unfolding in Texas with Hurricane Harvey, I was having more and more of a difficult time being authentic as I posted on social media about my excitement for registration for my Heart of Photo Fabulous Class. These classes are classes that have changed peoples lives. I don’t want that to sound … I don’t mean that lightly, because women email me and tell me the impact that these classes have had on their lives, the way they live, the way they document their lives, the choices they make with the way they spend their time. Both creating memories, and documenting memories. They are really a big deal, and I didn’t want it to seem like I was minimizing them I guess. I wanted to be able to post about that part of how these classes change peoples lives authentically.


I was so upset, I have been so upset about the images, and the things that I’m seeing and hearing about from Texas. We have a lot of people in the Modern Photo Solutions community, a lot of our friends that are in Texas. Hearing from them, and the things that they’re dealing with, my heart was broken. I felt as I went to post, and I was trying to think about what to post for registration for my classes, I thought, “I can’t post, ‘Hey, come buy my stuff’ when peoples lives and worlds are falling apart.” Yeah, I know that everybody has really hard things. Life is hard for everybody. I can’t put my business on hold every time that there’s hard things going on. But, between my mentor and between following Disney’s example, I decided that for me, I needed to pause registration because I couldn’t be authentic.


People pick up on that. You guys pick up on that, I pick up on that when I’m following people. It feels icky when they’re not being authentic, or when they’re using something that’s a sad situation in our country to promote themselves, and the things that they have going on. I have an example of that in a few minutes that I’ll share, that’s really sad for me, and heartbreaking.


I decided that I was going to pause registration, and instead do something no matter how small it’s going to be, it will help me feel better, and hopefully it’ll help you feel better as well. What I decided to do was my course that’s called, “App Smashing,” I duplicated that course just so that I could change the name of it, and set some different things up so that I’d be able to email everyone that purchases it. I renamed it to, “App Smashing 4 Texas.” This is just a temporary thing. App Smashing 4 Texas QR Codes. It is the course that’s all about creating QR codes. This course is only on IOS. Which, I’m sad about. I haven’t been able to get the Android version done yet.


This course, it teaches you all about how to create QR codes, and use them, link them to videos, and to animations, and GIF’s, and all kinds of additional things that you can then put the QR code in your photo book, or in your album, and then when you scan it, it will pull up that multimedia. It will pull up the video, it will pull up all of those other things. You can see an example of this in the post for, on the purchase page, the page where you can purchase this course. I will be donating all but about 75 cents. I’ll be donating everything but the payment processing fees. It’ll work out to be just under 75 cents per purchase.


The regular price on the course is 14.97, and so almost all of that will be donated to the Red Cross, and I’ll go to the donation page that’s specifically for Hurricane Harvey recovery. Then I will email out a copy of my donation receipt to everyone that purchased the class. I know when I see things like this, I’m probably a really jaded person and sometimes I do wonder if people are taking advantage of the situation, or if they are truly donating everything. I don’t want anyone to question that, about me. I will just not give anyone any reason to question that, and I will send out a receipt, my donation receipt once that’s done.


Any donations, or any purchases of this course, between now and, I’m looking up the date right now. September 4th, the end of September 4th will be donated. There is a coupon code if you would like to get 20% off with your purchase as well. The coupon code is the number 4Texas. That will give you 20% off that course as well. A lot of people are purchasing it without the coupon code, which actually I didn’t even think that would be a thing. That just shows me how amazing this community is, and how willing to be generous, and wanting to help people are. I really appreciate this. In my mind, this is an opportunity for you, if you haven’t before, to experience one of my paid courses. I know a lot of people have said before that they already know how to do QR codes. I promise you, a lot of people that have been doing QR codes for a lot of years have told me that they’ve learned new things in this course.


This is a way for you to experience, or to test out one of my courses, get something, while also making a difference. I’m hoping that we can all join together, and make a big difference for Texas. I know that what I can contribute is significantly smaller than what bigger organizations could contribute, and are contributing, but it helps me to feel authentic. To be able to post some things on social media, and be authentic in my excitement about this right now, in the time with so much devastation in Texas.


I have been closely watching Disney just to see what they did, and I was really surprised that they didn’t go dark until this morning. I did notice this morning I got on one more time to check, and I haven’t seen any new blog posts come from Disney, which usually they have a very set routine on what times of day they post. Starting at about 7:30 in the morning Eastern time, and there is nothing. It looks like to me that Disney has gone dark as well. Which, I’m proud of them for making that decision. Very proud of them for that. Thank you all for your support, and you can find this course by going to ModernPhotoSolutions.com/4Texas. The number 4. Texas is the same as the coupon code, ModernPhotoSolutions.com/Texas. Jump on over there, and either use the coupon code, or don’t. Even if you’re on Android, I did have people contact me when this class was first released and asked if they’re very efficient in apps, if they would be able to figure it out. Most likely yes, you could.


It is a way that you can learn a few things. There are a couple of the apps that are available on Android. Not all of them are. But, more importantly, it is a way that you can contribute some relief. You can also just go directly to the Red Cross’s website and donate there as well for Hurricane Harvey if you would prefer to do that. It’s RedCross.org/Donate/HurricaneHarvey.


Okay, so here is one of the things that we need to talk about, another hard thing that we need to talk about, is scanning. One of the people in my community came and posted in the Heart of Photo Fabulous IOS Facebook group that she is in Texas, and is helping family members recover what they can from the floods, and scrapbooks are part of those, and they’re trying to dry out pages, and rescue whatever photos they can. This is one of the wonderful things about having digital photos is that even if something like this happens, those photos that are digital are digital.


I wanted to remind people, if they want to learn about scanning, there is episode 20, “Your Most Geeky Questions Answered,” has a lot of questions about scanning. This has made me decide that I have one last batch of photos that I need to get scanned, that I’ve been procrastinating on, and I am going to get it done. Nothing like this kind of a situation, a disaster like this to make you decide that you’re going to do things you’ve known you needed to do for a long time, and that’s what’s happening for me for sure.


The other thing that I wanted to mention about that episode is that in there, I mention one of the scanning services that I really like to use is ScanMyPhotos. I’ve been watching them for a really long time, and some of their promotional material has really rubbed me the wrong way. They’ll come out and say that they have a promotion going on, but really it’s the same exact price as everything else. This week when I got an email from them with the headline being that they’ve dropped prices, let’s see … “Why we just lowered prices for hurricane relief and preparedness.” My heart sank a little bit. I went in and checked it all out, and I went back through my emails from them. The prices in this quote/quote, “Just lowered prices for hurricane relief and preparedness,” are the exact same prices that they were offering in their previous emails before the hurricane.


To me, that’s really sad. I unsubscribed from their email, and I won’t be sending any more of my emails into them, just because that’s sad. I’ve seen them do this before. It was something that I had suspected, but I had never taken the time to really compare all of the old emails, and see. This is, the sale is no different than any other sale. They’re just using peoples fears, and emotions surrounding the hurricane to capitalize, which I think is pretty crappy.


Okay, so the hard stuff is done. That’s all of the hard stuff for this week. Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it. I really appreciate hearing from those in our community that are in Texas, and how what you’re doing, how you’re documenting, I’ve been hearing from a lot of you saying that you are documenting this as well. I’m grateful for that too.


We have some news with a bunch of different apps, and things that are going on that I wanted to share today as well. The first one is that Google Photos version 3.3 is adding … It adds, well it was out … I am sorry, yes. I talk for a living, I can do it, I know. Okay, Google Photos version 3.3 came out last week. It adds just a couple more capabilities to the library. When you’re sharing two people to your contacts in the sharing tab, you can now select multiple photos. You weren’t able to do that before. Version 3.4 of Google Photos is out today, when I’m recording this, which the date is August 31st. There are, there’s not really that many new things, but what there is, is a whole lot of speculation about what people are … Tech gurus on the inter webs, are seeing in the underlying, I guess the undercarriage maybe, of Google Photos. Of things that are going to be added, and it’s pretty exciting stuff.


I am excited about that. I don’t want to talk about any of it right now because it’s all just speculation, and rumor, and anything can change at any point. We’ll wait until there’s some official announcements. You can Google just Google Photos version 3.3, or 3.4, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find articles on what the speculations are. Okay, I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this or not. I don’t think I have. Day One has gone to a subscription platform, which is something that most apps … There’s two ways to make money in apps, a subscription platform, or in app purchases. Outside of that, apps aren’t terribly profitable. If you try not to use apps that have in app purchases or subscriptions, I think that’s just going to be a way of the past. A one time purchase for apps I think isn’t going to be around much longer, because it’s just not profitable for companies.


Day One, it’s 34.99 a year, let’s see. If you were already a Day One user before this update came out, then it’s 24.99 a year. They even acknowledge right on their website that the reason they’re changing to this platform, to a subscription model is because they have to have a way to pay for continued development. Some of the features that you get with this is unlimited photos, before you only had a few photos that you could add per entry. Now you have unlimited photos. You have a few other things as well. They are beta testing Android, if that’s something you are interested in doing. Go to the Day One website and contact them about it.


Audio entries, and writing prompts, and guided journaling are all coming up, new stuff. Okay, Google Photos has removed the 2,000 photo limit for albums. There used to be that you could only add 2,000 photos to an album, and they removed that. Which is pretty exciting for those of us who like to use albums, and like to put a lot of photos in our albums. The next thing that I am really excited for, and I’m sure that all of my Apple users will be as well, is that Today, Apple officially announced that they will be announcing the iPhone eight, and IOS 11, and all of the other stuff that comes with it on September 12th.


I guess I should say, they haven’t announced specifically that. They are having a press conference, which they do two times a year approximately. It will be September 12th, it will be in their new facility, and it will be the first ever to be in the Steve Jobs Theater, which is really cool. I don’t know if you’ve been checking out any of the rumors for things that will be on iPhone eight. It’s looking like it’s going to be pretty innovative. I mean, I’m careful when I say that, I guess I should say. Because, I hesitate to say that because we’ve thought that before, and we’ve been disappointed. Hopefully we aren’t disappointed this time. Hopefully because it’s going to be in the Steve Jobs Theater, the first ever event in the Steve Jobs Theater, they are going to knock it out of the park, and truly come with some amazing innovations.


IOS 11, I have that on my recording device that I am testing today, IOS 11 beta nine for developers was released. I downloaded that, and installed it. I’m really excited about the things that I’m seeing in there. I’m excited about the things that I’ve been reading, rumored in there. It’s pretty cool. On September 12th, I put out an invitation in the Heart of Photo Fabulous Apple version, IOS version Facebook group that I will be broadcasting this live. You can access it from any IOS device. I thought it would be really fun to get together as a community in this Facebook group, and broadcast, and then be able to talk about things as they’re announcing it. I usually always watch these, I know a few other people that always watch them too. It’s a thing, I put it on my calendar, and tell people I’m busy during that time.


I’m really excited for it. If you’re in the Heart of Photo Fabulous IOS version, I hope you’ll join us. Okay, one thing … One of the things that I’m way excited about with IOS 11 is the augmented reality, and here’s why. Okay, I’ve wondered, “How is this going to apply to me?” I found this article today about this app, and these things called, “The Pixie.” It’s Pixie Point, and it’s a little tab I guess you could say, and it’s in the shape of a point, like you know the location, map location when you drop a pin? Is what they call it, it’s in that shape. You can attach it to, they have a special phone case that you can attach it to. You can attach it to keys. You can attach it to anything. I’m definitely getting some for my keys, my car keys.


Then with the app in your phone, it will help you find it, find whatever’s attached to these pixies, these Pixie Points. With the augmented reality, you hold your phone up, and you tap which point you want to find. Then it guides you through your house, to the location. You can see your room on your phone with the little, it’s highlighting the area where it’s located. You walk, it’s amazing. It looks so, super cool, and I’m really excited about it. I will for sure, I’m going to order some of these. They’re actually available on the market right now, without the art kit, is what it’s called, the augmented reality kit by Apple. You can use them. I don’t know if they make sounds or whatever, I didn’t check that out.


Here’s the pricing on them, you can order them on Amazon, and it’s 29.99 for a two pack. Which, other things of this nature are significantly more expensive, that I’ve seen in the past. Then you can get a four pack for 54.99, or an eight pack for 104.99. Then there’s the app. It’s called, I think it’s just called, “Pixie.” These little tags are pixie packs, is what they’re … It says, “Achieve peace of find.” Love that, that’s a fabulous tagline. I’m excited, I can’t wait for that. I’m excited to see how else this technology changes our lives. I think it’s going to be good, I’m really excited. I think it’s going to be really life changing.


Okay, thank you all for leaving iTunes reviews, I appreciate it so much. There were several of you that came and left new reviews, and I wanted to share a couple of those. My website just logged me out, so okay, we’re logged back in. It’s, the first one is from … I think it’s Moe’s Baskets. She’s also actually a follower on Instagram too, I see her there quite a bit. I really appreciate your comment, and she said … She’s from the US and she said, “Such great info to help you get rid of photo overwhelm.” Then HJD-25 from Canada says, “Love talking about photos and memory keeping. Steph really knows what she is talking about.” Thank you for that, I appreciate it. And Rico 532 from Canada said this, “I really enjoy listening to Steph’s podcast. I have gone back and listened to every single one that she has produced, and now eagerly wait for a new one to be released. Steph is intelligent, thoughtful, knowledgeable.” You would think I paid them to say this stuff. “But also really relatable.” Thank you for that, I try to be relatable.


“She has a wealth of knowledge about photo keeping solutions, tech questions, app questions, so many things. But she never talks down to you.” Oh, thank you so much. I appreciate that. That’s because I’m in this with you, I’m doing it with all of you. It’s not … I’m sharing what I know. Tech comes easy for me, so it’s easy for me to share it. Thank you, that is such a nice compliment. I shouldn’t say she because it could be a he, I’m sorry. Rico goes on to say, “It feels like listening to a friend talk, and I always take something new away from her talks. I don’t listen to very many podcasts, but Modern Photo Solutions is one that is worthy of my time.” Thank you so much. I do try to make it worth your time. I try hard not to just fill the time with things just so that I can say I did.


That’s why the length of the podcast is sporadic. Thank you so much for those comments. If you want to leave a review in iTunes, you can do that by tapping on, “Review.” My goal is to get a tutorial up on the website as well, so that it’ll make it easier for you. One other thing that I’m really excited about, that I forgot to share in the last episode, is … And I will put a link to it. I’ll put a link to it in the show notes for this show. I think I’m going to call this one, “Texas.” ModernPhotoSolutions.com/Texas, and I have a YouTube channel for Modern Photo Solutions now. I’ve been working very hard on it, to categorize. All of the podcasts are up there, and some other videos, tutorials, things like that.


Everything’s categorized to help you go from step one, step two, and step three, and go through all of the information. I don’t have enough followers yet though, to get a vanity URL, so it’s a crazy URL. Hop on over there and follow me, that would be great because then I can get a vanity URL that’s easier for people to find. I’ll put that, I’ll also add that to the social media icons on ModernPhotoSolutions.com, at the top of the page, I think on the right hand side is where the social media icons are.


I would love to have you connect with me over there, then also on Facebook and Instagram @ModernPhotoSolutions. Thank you so much for being here, thank you for letting me be part of your day to day, and part of your week. We will see you next time on Modern Photo Solutions.