Catching Up – MPS030

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Projects! Big time periods! It can be so overwhelming! I have some listeners that called in their processes and solutions for getting on top of these things. I gathered a lot of inspiration from them and I can’t wait for you to do the same! Plus I’m sharing details about my latest class that I just released a couple of … Read More

Five Years To Live – MPS028

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If you knew you only had 2-5 years to live, what would you do differently? What would you change? What would be most important? Are there things that you wouldn’t spend time on anymore? Would your photos and memories be a priority? Melanie Day joins me on today’s podcast and is sharing how her terminal cancer diagnosis has changed her; … Read More

Encyclopedia of Your Life – MPS027

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Katie Nelson is joining me again to discuss some very useful tools (Google Takeout to download your photos and information from Google; methods to change metadata (dates) in photos) and her complete backup system and how it’s changed over the years. She has gone from a mostly manual system to a system that is almost completely automated and of course … Read More

Documenting Long Distance – MPS026

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Documenting long distance when family is far away

Ideas for documenting over long distances, when family members are away. I’ve been asked by a lot of people to share how I documented my daughter’s mission; it was a journey for sure! I’m sharing the details and also asked Katie Nelson and Chelle Ludwinksi (who have been on before) to share how they are documenting their daughter’s LDS missions … Read More

In my inbox – MPS025

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I am answering your questions from my email inbox! The first question is the one I get asked about the very most! Plus I’m sharing details about registration for the Heart of Photo Fabulous iOS and Android! DIY Photography Article Heart of Photo Fabulous iOS and Android

Enjoying the sun and Android update – MPS023

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I will be enjoying the sun a bit with my family this week (but let’s be real, still working), so I’m popping in to give you an update on the next round of registration for the Heart of Photo Fabulous in iOS and the release of the Android version! Transcripts always available. MPS023-AndroidClassUpdate

My big regret – MPS022

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My big memory keeping regrets

Just after I had my second baby, I fell into post-partum depression. I was overwhelmed with a lot of really big life changes at the time and made some critical and regrettable decisions regarding photos and my story telling. I’m sharing this experience, the things I regret, and how I’ve learned from them on this episode.