Enjoying the sun and Android update – MPS023

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I will be enjoying the sun a bit with my family this week (but let’s be real, still working), so I’m popping in to give you an update on the next round of registration for the Heart of Photo Fabulous in iOS and the release of the Android version! Transcripts always available. MPS023-AndroidClassUpdate

My big regret – MPS022

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My big memory keeping regrets

Just after I had my second baby, I fell into post-partum depression. I was overwhelmed with a lot of really big life changes at the time and made some critical and regrettable decisions regarding photos and my story telling. I’m sharing this experience, the things I regret, and how I’ve learned from them on this episode.  

Your most geeky questions answered – MPS020

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In this episode, I’m answering a couple of the geeky questions I get asked the most often: What my personal backup solutions are AND solutions for scanning older photos. Here are a few of the resources I share: DAM Book Alison Taylor’s presentation on scanned photos Photolink scanner Google Photos iCloud Photos Dropbox Amazon Photos Flickr CrashPlan Mozy Scannable

Making Life Sweet – MPS019

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Becky Higgins joins me and shares the story behind the Project Life App and how it came to be; all of the different ways she is documenting her life and her family’s story; how she decides what photos go in which album; how her life has changed because of documenting it; and some exclusive details (never before shared) on her … Read More

Changing with life – MPS016

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Chelle Ludwinski is joining me to share how her story-telling has changed and evolved with her life. Chelle was a very reluctant Project Life App user but that has all changed now. Hear why she decided to give the Project Life App a try and how she is getting her story told now. Chelle on Instagram Chelle’s tutorial on Capturing … Read More