Big announcements from companies we love – MPS029

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The past couple of weeks we have seen some really big announcements from companies we LOVE!! Some of my very favorites are in this group: Google (and Google Photos), Chatbooks, Persnickety Prints, and Project Life. I’m also sharing a brand new photo book app Zno (I’m not sure how to say it either). I’m also sharing some information about my newest class that will help you organize and track big documenting projects, plus, when you can grab The Heart of Photo Fabulous class for Android and iOS. A note about the Android version of my classes: they are filmed on an Android device! They are actually for Android users. My newest class that will launch soon is for iOS and Android!

I’m looking for people to join me on the show that are 1) having success working on projects OR 2) Using Chatbooks. Please read the transcript OR listen to the show for the questions I need you to answer and then leave me a voicemail here: