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Alison Pecoul is joining me to talk about a few fun apps we are liking for adding text to photos (iOS and Android) AND she introduced me to a new-to-us app that we are SOOO appcited about! I really do think this app will be a game changer for many of us that want to get our stories and memories documented in a FAST, fun and creative way and it is available on Android and iOS.

Stephanie Clay: Hey, everyone! Welcome to Modern Photo Solutions. I’m Steph Clay. I’m here today with a very long time listener and, has since become my friend, Allison [Pecoul 00:00:10]. Hi, Allison!


Allison : Hi, Steph!


Stephanie Clay: Did I say your last name right?


Allison : Yep!


Stephanie Clay: Oh, good. Good. Allison, you have been a listener of mine probably since the beginning, almost.


Allison : Yes. Yes, I’ve listened to The Digi Show.


Stephanie Clay: Back-


Allison : Are you there?


Stephanie Clay: Back in the day.


Allison : Way back in the day, and sometimes when I hear your voice I expect Peppermint chime up in the background.


Stephanie Clay: Peppermint and Katie, right?


Alison: Oh my goodness, yes. And Katie.


Steph: Yeah. Good times for sure. Good times, but yeah, thank you for being here, and we started emailing back and forth a long time ago, and it just devolved into a friendship, and you’re kind of my go-to person for Android help whenever I need Android help, so thank you for that.


Alison: Sure.


Steph: You’ve been a long time Android user.


Alison: Yes.


Steph: Always, right?


Alison: I have … No, not always. As a matter of fact, I used to teach Apple products-


Steph: What?


Alison: … at an Apple dealership years ago, yeah, back when wheels were square. Yeah.


Steph: I did not know that.


Alison: Yeah, yeah. I loved it. That’s where I first got introduced to Photoshop. Then we just tried to figure out a way to put it on the PC, so now I have Photoshop on the PC, but as far as phones go, I’ve always had an Android or a Blackberry. My husband has had several Apple phones.


Steph: Okay. Wow. I had no idea. There’s this whole side of you that I didn’t even know. So today we are going to talk about some fun, new apps, all kinds of different apps, and you introduced me to one today that you found, and I was so excited about it and I said I wish they had it on iOS, and you were like, “Well, do they?” So then I checked, and sure enough, they do, and so I’m really excited to share this with our listeners. Why don’t you go ahead and introduce.


Alison: Well, I was looking for an app where I could put in some journaling text, not just titles, but journaling text, and I found an app that does posters and collages, so I gave it a try. It’s called April, and it is so much fun to play with, and I’ve really, really enjoyed it.


Steph: Yeah. It’s really fun to play with. It will automatically make photo collages.


Alison: Yes, yes. If you have up to nine photographs, you can pick them, and then select the layout size, do it one by one or four by three, and then it gives you a variety of different layouts to choose from, and that’s really your jumping off point. It puts everything in place and then hands it back to you for more fun.


Steph: Yeah, yeah. Super cool. I jumped in there, and we were wondering about resolution and all that kind of stuff, so let’s first talk about the, what is the word, the different sizes that you can choose. Why can’t I think of that word? I’m going to have to go into this other app so that I can remember the name of the word. It starts with an a. Aspect, thank you. The aspect ratio. There’s a one by one.


Alison: Right.


Steph: What else is there?


Alison: There’s a four by three. Then there’s a three by four. Then there’s a 16 by nine, and a nine by 16.


Steph: Yeah, and let’s talk about resolution, because I had found an app a little bit similar to this a long time ago that I was excited about, but the resolution was not good. You sent me one that you exported that was a four by three I think, and the four by three size exported is equivalent to a five by seven, 300 DPI. It’s a little bit higher resolution than that. The one by one exported, I just did a one by one and I exported it, and I checked the resolution on it, and the resolution is 3,100 pixels by 3,100 pixels, which is slightly lower than the 300 DPI, but it’s actually higher resolution than the Project Life one by one ratio. The Project Life, if you export a page at 12 by … or a one by one ratio at 12 by 12, it’s 2,760, so 2,760 pixels square. This other app, it’s, like I said, 3,100, so it’s definitely high enough quality to print-


Alison: Certainly, yes.


Steph: … a high resolution image, which is super exciting.


Alison: It is. When you see all the other fun stuff it’ll do as well.


Steph: Yeah. Okay, so one of the reasons why I’m really excited about this is because I was able to … I went in and picked six different photos. I quickly made, in under 30 seconds probably, under a minute, I made two different collages. I just went in and picked four photos and two project life cards, and it made a collage for me. Well, it made a whole bunch of collages, so one, two, three … About 10 different options, 10 different layout options is what you have, and then it’s just a swipeable menu at the bottom, and you pick which layout you want. And then when you pull that layout up, you can get really into some fun stuff.


Alison: Oh, yeah. To edit it from there, it’s a lot of fun. You can switch pictures, just like we do in Project Life when you select one and you actually adjust the place that it’s at, just switch it out. You can change the dimension of one picture, and it will affect appropriately all the dimensions of the other pictures, so it keeps your layout sound in terms of size, but it adjusts it so that it shows more of one picture and less of maybe the others around it.


Steph: Yeah. You can also go in and adjust the grids, so you can make some sections bigger or smaller, if maybe it’s cutting off a little bit of one of your images, and so you want to make it a little bit bigger. You can go in and adjust that as well. The borders.


Alison: Oh, yes. And you can even have them without borders.


Steph: Yes.


Alison: So if you wanted to do a six-picture layout, you can have them without borders all together, or you can add a small border, and you can also add a border to the outside that’s independent of the inside border, if that makes sense. They can be different sizes.


Steph: Yeah. You can have a thicker border on the outside of the page than you have on your inside borders. It’s really incredible.


Alison: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah.


Alison: I’m really excited about it.


Steph: Yeah because this takes the collage making to a whole new level, and it’s automated, so there’s not tapping and dragging photos. You don’t have to add the photos individually. You just select your photos, it adds them, and then you can adjust the borders as necessary to fit your image.


Alison: But another thing that’s really neat about this, at least from my perspective, because I like to add just a little bit of contrast to my pictures, and so I have to preset all my pictures, like go in and I adjust that contrast, and then put them in a separate folder for when I’m going to make my layout. With this particular app I can select one picture and make adjustments, and if I like, I can apply those adjustments to all the photos in the layout.


Steph: Yeah, that’s incredible, instead of having to edit each individual photo, because a lot of times those photos are taken in the same place, the same location, under the same lighting circumstances.


Alison: Right, right.


Steph: And so you are going to add the same filters and effects.


Alison: Right. I think it’s going to be a huge time saver.


Steph: I do too. I do too. You are limited to the nine photos, but what you could easily do if you wanted to add more photos than that is go in and make a collage that’s a smaller size, the three by four or something that would be a four by six or equivalent to that, a two by three ratio if they have that aspect ratio, I don’t know …


Alison: I didn’t see that one.


Steph: Okay.


Alison: But you can do a three by four or a four by three.


Steph: Totally, and then add a bunch of photos to that, and then bring that collage into another collage.


Alison: Man, this is going to be so much fun.


Steph: I know. I know. The borders you can change colors. There’s tons of different options, and they have patterns in there too.


Alison: Yes, yes, and gradients, so if you want a really soft hint of some color, you can select a gradient, and it will automatically default to the gradient that it thinks works best with your photographs.


Steph: Yeah, and it does that with the color too. I had a Project Life card that I imported that was orange, and it picked an orange color for my background.


Alison: I think that’s pretty neat.


Steph: Yeah.


Alison: And there’s a few other things. I haven’t gone all the way through them, but that you can select to add interests to your collage, and you can do the weather, and it will bring up just sort of an icon, a white icon on a colored background of the weather. Then if you don’t like that color, you can adjust it. Location, date; it has several others that you can add to your layout as just interest.


Steph: Yeah. It’s incredible. I’m not seeing an undo button. Oh, there, okay. So I added a filter to one of my photos. They have some artistic filters in here too that make it look like a cartoon drawing or different art effects, and then I decided I didn’t want that, and so I just went back to none, and applied none, and it went back to normal, so that’s cool.


Alison: That is neat.


Steph: Yeah.


Alison: Now, I will say that this particular app, when I was playing around with it, I was using photos that were in Google Photos or in my camera already. When I went in and selected the camera option, it opened up in Google Photos with another app called Camera 360, and so I didn’t download that app because I didn’t need it, but if you wanted to shoot pictures and then have them automatically come in, you would need to download that app, at least on the Android side. Is it the same on iOS?


Steph: Yeah. If you wanted to use that, you would have to download, if you want to use that 360 app. It’s like a different thing.


Alison: Yeah.


Steph: Okay, so I found this really cool feature, and I got distracted, so I’m sorry, but this is mind blowing. If you go into the menu where it has the borders and the colors and all of that, if you click on that magnet, it looks like a magnet, it looks like a little horseshoe …


Alison: Yes.


Steph: … magnet, click on that. You can make Project Life cards right there, with the date and the weather and the city that you’re in. It has some cats and dogs and some quotes. And then you can also go in and edit, like that quote, I can go in and edit it and add my own little journaling right there.


Alison: That is so neat.


Steph: Yes, and I can also add … It’s giving me the option, when I select on one of those, it’s giving me the option to add a shadow if I tap on it again. It opens up more options to add a shadow.


Alison: That is so cool.


Steph: To that card. Yeah. There’s quotes. There’s a Christmas tree. It’s very simple line art. Very simple, almost like icons.


Alison: Right, yes.


Steph: But there’s tons here. Holy cow.


Alison: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.


Steph: I really love the idea of being able to add the weather like that.


Alison: And I think it would make it much easier if you’re in a location, vacation, to just put everything in there, in your layout, take five or six photos-


Steph: Yeah.


Alison: … select the layout, add your weather, right while you’re there, and then you can come back and add any journaling that you want later on. Go ahead.


Steph: Go ahead.


Alison: No, I was just going to say I really like that it defaults to square corners.


Steph: Yeah.


Alison: But you do have that option to make rounded corners pretty easily. Just in the same place where you can put in the grid, you can change how much of a corner round you want.


Steph: That’s cool.


Alison: Yeah.


Steph: These little icons, they would be super fun because they’ve got some movie ones. They’ve got a film directors chair and the directors board thing, and then a movie camera and stuff, and that would be great to add a QR code to.


Alison: Oh, yes. Yeah, I hadn’t even noticed those.


Steph: There are so many here. Popcorn, aliens … The cool thing about it is you can apply the icon that you want to have added there and then go through and select all these different colors.


Alison: Right, so you’re not really limited based on what they select for you. You can make the adjustment.


Steph: Yeah. They need to add the ability to be able to select a color from your page though.


Alison: That would be really cool.


Steph: Yeah.


Alison: I’m sure that’s coming.


Steph: I bet.


Alison: I’m sure. I’m sure.


Steph: Yeah. The shadow, I applied it, and it’s super subtle, very subtle, but it’s great. I’m trying to edit the text though; I’m not having success.


Alison: The first time through, I had some difficult with the text, and that was the reason I went looking for the app in the first place.


Steph: Right.


Alison: I felt good with all the other things that you could do with it, but I do think that you’re going to have to build your journaling pages elsewhere.


Steph: Yeah, for sure. I can see that it’s editable on this, but I cannot figure out how to get a keyboard to actually edit it.


Alison: It says tap to edit.


Steph: I have [inaudible 00:16:37].


Alison: Yeah, I have tapped with that. I think it might be more long press to edit.


Steph: Okay, let’s see.


Alison: See if that works.


Steph: No. Maybe if I press here. No. Press again.


Alison: When I tap to edit, there is a menu on the bottom of mine, and then on the lefthand side, there’s an icon for a keyboard, and I just, there, and it opens it up.


Steph: I do not have that on iOS.


Alison: Do you have the listing of fonts?


Steph: Nope.


Alison: Yeah. When I tap to edit, it opens that box up at the bottom. If I click on the large A, small A, for a text box, it will bring that up at the same time.


Steph: Yeah, I’m not seeing that, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere, because it highlights it like it’s editable, but it’s just not giving me that option.


Alison: Yeah. I have to actually use that keyboard.


Steph: I don’t have a keyboard button.


Alison: Dang.


Steph: Yeah.


Alison: We’ll have to work on that.


Steph: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ll have to work on it, but anyway, there are so many cool options in this app. It’s super exciting.


Alison: It is well worth playing around with, even if you just want to make cards that you use in Project Life, it’s a free app. You can download it.


Steph: And it’s Android and iOS.


Alison: Yes, yes.


Steph: Yay.


Alison: It seems to work fairly well on both platforms.


Steph: Yes. Yeah. I’ve tried it on both, and it works very well on both platforms, you’re right. Okay. I gave you the challenge to help me find some text editing apps on Android because that seems to be the biggest challenge and the biggest question that I get from Android users. You have a couple of options for us.


Alison: Well, that is the biggest hang up that I have. When I’m using Project Life, if I start working and using a card and putting text into it for journaling, it’s stuck there. It better be right when I put it in, and I don’t really have too many edit options, and I rely far too heavily on Word to make sure that I have spelling correct. So I was having a tough time with it, and like you were talking about, needed to find a text app. I found that what I was doing was actually using Evernote, and I have a widget on my phone, and instead of texting, instead of typing in the text, I would open up Evernote, click to use the microphone, speak into it about the events of that day, and then close it. Then when it was time to do the layout, the journaling was already there. I just needed to look over it, make sure that everything that was supposed to be capitalized was capitalized, and periods and commas were in the right place, and then I was ready to go.


The problem was getting it from Evernote into Project Life. Even in Project Life I was limited by the journaling cards they have. Sometimes you just want a little bit shnazzier background.


Steph: Yeah.


Alison: I have been using another app. It is called Text Gram. Let me make sure that’s its actual name. Text Gram, and it will allow me to paste in a paragraph worth of text and put it on top of any image that I choose, and it has quite a few of its own you can use that have nice backgrounds, but if I wanted to use my own photograph I could as well. It gives me options for the type of text to use. It gives me options and fonts, although they’re limited, and it does not give me an option to upload fonts, so the several that it gives me are what I have. Let’s see. I have the option to use a template, and it has quite a few of them, or I can just open up a blank canvas, and where it says double tap to edit. I double tap, and it opens up a text box, and then I long press that for the paste, and it gives me two options: I can paste, or I can paste as plain text. I usually paste as plain text, and then just like I would any picture go in and edit the spacing between the lines, the fonts.


Steph: Yeah.


Alison: It gives me a lot more flexibility. I have to save it as an image, and I pull it in as an image, and it works really well. My memories aren’t just in, my written memories, aren’t just in Evernote. They aren’t just in another app.


Steph: Yeah.


Alison: I feel more comfortable with that because no matter what kind of fun you are, that you can have a glitchy day, and it can close up on you, and it’s horrible when you’ve been typing something that’s really kind of neat and all of a sudden it’s gone. Having it in a secondary program I think is really helpful.


Steph: Yeah, for sure. I’m going to look this one up. This is Text Gram, right?


Alison: Right. This is Text Gram.


Steph: I’m going to see if it’s available on iOS. Nope. There is a Text Gram on iOS, not iOX. That’s the new iPhone, but it has a different icon, and so I don’t think it’s the same, and it’s not by the same people actually, so yeah.


Alison: I think it’s a lot of fun to play with. You can do a lot like you can do in April, colors. I think there was probably about 30 different fonts that I could play with, and you can do mirror images. If you just type in one word and want to do a mirror of that word, it has the option for that. It does bold and underline, and so you can give yourself a title to your journal card that you’re working on that’s in a different font.


Steph: Okay, cool.


Alison: I think it’s really neat. I just save those out and then try to put everything I want in one folder and load them up. Now I’m going to be trying out April and seeing how it works in there.


Steph: Yeah, for sure. For sure. Okay. Let’s see. Which one do I want to share for iOS? Probably the ones that I use the most, I probably use Over, the Over app the most for my text, for journaling or for doing title cards. I think they’ve gone to a free/plus subscription model. I think it’s a free download and then you can do a subscription, $9.99 a month, to get all the features that are available. There is an Over version that’s available on Android. It’s not the same. I don’t think they’ve updated that one on Android for a super duper long time.


Alison: Yeah, I was just pulling it up and trying to see, and there is a Text Over. It says it was updated in January.


Steph: Oh, really?


Alison: Yes.


Steph: Good. I’m going to go look at it then and see what it says. Okay, what else do you have for us?


Alison: There’s a couple of new apps that are around the poster option. That’s a bad word for it, but you go on Instagram now, and there’s a lot of images that have words on it that are done a lot like a movie poster.


Steph: Yeah and you’ve taught me this because they don’t call them posters on iOS. It’s just, I don’t know, but there are a lot of apps in the Android store that do text effects that are called poster, something poster, or this and that poster, so that’s a good tip to know I think.


Alison: I think you can make cards that have really neat images for your text overlays and you can use their background, you can use your background. The one that I’ve used the most is called Posteroid, like Polaroid, but with Poster in front of it, and that app will allow you to build … You start off by selecting an image, and then you put in your words, and it will help you find a good layout for … Oh, what’s the word? For …


Steph: Your type?


Alison: Yeah. It’ll organize them in a very interesting way. I think that Snap Seed does a very good job of this as well, but the Posteroid does a really good job at fading off the background. You can also use a blank colored background, so you want to write it on yellow or green, or you can use a yellow and green overlay and just change the opacity before you put your words out. It’s sort of a combination of editing, image editing, and then word overlay. It’s worth playing around. It’s free.


Steph: For sure.


Alison: It’s [inaudible 00:28:09]. It’s got some interesting things that you can do with it. I’ve used it a couple times.


Steph: Perfect.


Alison: I also like this new app called Pics-omatic. That’s also a …


Steph: iOS.


Alison: Yeah, it’s also an iOS app. Pics-omatic will allow you to take one of your images and use a brush and you’ll highlight an area, and then it will cut out the background, and you can place that on a different background. You can take your daughter in front of your house and put her in front of a castle. It’s for playing around and fun, and you can use blur and change the grays. It has a ton of different filters with it. It’s another good, fun tool that you can use to edit a photograph that you can use later on in Project Life or April or whatever you’re using.


Steph: Yeah. Okay, I found one on Android that I’ve been playing with a little bit that I like, and I think would be really fun to be able to do, and it is called CT Design. This one you can actually import fonts into.


Alison: Ooh.


Steph: Yeah, and it tells you, when you go in there and you’re editing and you’re choosing your font, you can choose imported fonts, and I didn’t have any, so it told me where to import the fonts to, which folder to import them to so that I would be able to use them. So that’s kind of fun.


Alison: Yes.


Steph: And it has fun different backgrounds and things that you can use as well, as decorations and different colors, all kinds of stuff.


Alison: Don’t forget, the quotes creator.


Steph: Yes. I haven’t used that one yet. I did download it, because that was another poster one. Did you try that one?


Alison: I just opened it. I did in the sense that …


Steph: You did try that one, didn’t you?


Alison: What I did was I actually went to see if it would take a paragraphs’ worth of text. I didn’t say that well. A paragraph worth of text. That way you could paste in quite a lot of text with an interesting background, and it did it perfectly.


Steph: Yeah, it looked good.


Alison: Lots of different background options. You just save that off and pull it into your other program, but the fact that it will take a great deal of text and not just enough for a title, but you’re journaling, and for me that’s the biggest hangup there is, how to get that journaling text in there in a way that looks really beautiful.


Steph: Yeah, yeah, for sure. For sure. Okay, I have another fun one that’s available. It’s not the same app, but there are similar apps on each platform. Word Cloud on Android, which you can take and just put in a whole bunch of different words, and then it will make kind of a word collage with different fonts and different even images if you add little icons in there that you want, and it will do different shapes too. Super fun. It would be a fun way to make a journaling card or just anything for social media.


Alison: That would be great if you had a birthday party, just having all the names of all the kids that happen to be in attendance.


Steph: Oh, that would be fun.


Alison: Yeah.


Steph: That’s a great idea.


Alison: You don’t want to forget them, but sometimes it’s hard to put that kind of stuff in a journal entry.


Steph: Yes, I agree. In iOS, it’s called Word … There’s two different ones that would work well. One’s called Word Clouds. It’s two words. And then the next one is called Word Salad.


Alison: Wow.


Steph: Yeah. Lots of fun stuff, and you can change all of the colors and so many fun options.


Alison: Oh, neat.


Steph: Yeah.


Alison: Oh, neat.


Steph: Yeah. Do you have other apps?


Alison: No, but I did want to say that your class, Memory Management-


Steph: Yes.


Alison: … is all about using Trello.


Steph: Yes.


Alison: And you can do the same thing in Trello that I do in Evernote right now, which is put your memory on a Trello card. You can copy and paste it from that Trello card into what you’re working on.


Steph: Great idea.


Alison: The only other thing that I have is something I found. It’s called Air-droid, and I use this because sometimes I’m working at my computer and I’ll have a thought but I don’t want to stop and pick up my phone. It actually connects to my phone. It makes a connection to my phone, and then if I need to text someone, I can do it all from the keyboard.


Steph: Yeah, that’s … Okay, we have that on IOS.


Alison: Yes.


Steph: Yeah, so that’s exciting.


Alison: Yeah, it is.


Steph: It’s so much easier to text from a regular keyboard.


Alison: I know. I know. I know. I keep thinking that one day somebody’s going to look at a regular keyboard and go, “What is that?”


Steph: [inaudible 00:34:20].


Alison: Because I text so fast.


Steph: Yeah.


Alison: Type so fast compared to texting.


Steph: Yes. For sure.


Alison: Those are my big things.


Steph: Okay. Those are all really good. Really good apps, and I’m excited about them. Some good ideas too for people to be able to get some fun text. The other one that I wanted to mention that’s available both on Android and iOS is Rhonna Designs App for doing fun text. You have that one?


Alison: I do not.


Steph: Okay, yeah. I love that app.


Alison: I will have to download it.


Steph: Yeah, that’s a great way … it’s not the best for journaling, but it’s great if you want to do title cards. One of the things that I love about it too is that you can use text codes for colors, so you can pull colors from your pages and then enter those codes into the Rhonna Designs App to use those exact same colors, and it also integrates with Adobe Cloud.


Alison: Oh, wow.


Steph: So you can save color profiles to Adobe Cloud to use in the Rhonna Designs App as well.


Alison: That is really neat.


Steph: Yeah. She has tons and tons of artwork, and additional fonts, is in app purchases. One of the things that I love about her app as well is that she has font suggestions, so font pairs that go together, and you can just tap on that, and then it has ones that go together that you can use, if you want to use a couple different fonts on something.


Alison: Right.


Steph: ‘Cause I’m not always good at that.


Alison: No. I understand. I like to have a really pretty font as title and then a really plain font for the text, but sometimes they just don’t look good together, so that’s awesome.


Steph: Yeah.


Alison: What is that again?


Steph: Rhonna Designs. It’s R-H-O-N-N-A Designs, and she was on one of the very first … I think maybe episode seven, one of the very first episodes of the podcast, of this podcast, which was super fun.


Alison: Awesome.


Steph: I had her on. Yeah.


Alison: Lots of fun things to try out.


Steph: I know. I know. Yeah, okay, so people might remember a little while ago that I talked on one of the episodes about this app idea that i had that I knew someone was going to make, and that it would kind of turn things upside down for all of us, and April is that app. I knew someone would make a collage maker where you could select your photos and have it automatically create a collage that’s high resolution and where the photos fit in the spots and looked good, because there are other collage makers out there, but they’re funky designs, and they’re crazy designs, and not what I want for my pages. This is a very gridded, which I really like the gridded look.


Alison: Yes, right. And I like that it stays true to the images. It doesn’t warp the images when you’re trying to make adjustments to how big you want a square to be on your layout. It doesn’t warp the other images. It saves their integrity, and it just changes the size, and it does it really well and really easily to where you don’t even have to think about it. You just make it he size you want it and go.


Steph: Yeah. Yeah. It’s exciting. I’m so excited, so thank you for finding that. You’re a really good app finder, you and Katie. You find some good stuff.


Alison: Well, I love it.


Steph: Yeah, I love it too. All righty. Thank you all for being here with us today. I really appreciate it. If you have a few moments, please head to the iTunes store and leave us a review and let other people that are checking out the podcast know that this is a podcast worth their time and something that you enjoy listening to as well. You can also connect up with me on social media, Facebook and Instagram, and now we have YouTube as well. You can find the link for the YouTube channel by going to and then clicking on the YouTube icon. I have it set up so that any Facebook Lives that I do on the Modern Photo Solutions’ Facebook page are automatically uploaded to YouTube as well. I know I have some listeners that aren’t on Facebook, so that is a way for you to be able to catch all of that stuff, so be sure to subscribe so that you are notified anytime something new is uploaded.


There are a couple of Facebook Lives over there. I did one yesterday because there have been some wild and crazy rumors going around about Google Photos going away, and I was getting so many panicked messages about it that I had to address it, so I did a Facebook Live and that has been uploaded. If you just scroll down, all of the videos are in different groups of what you might like. Start here with the basic information and then you scroll on down to step two, and then different podcast topics, and then the Facebook and Instagram Lives are uploaded there as well, so check it out. Thank you so much, Alison, for your help with all of this. I appreciate it.


Alison: Sure. I love it. I had a great time doing it.


Steph: What was that?


Alison: And I had a great time doing it.


Steph: Yeah, I always love getting together with you and geeking out. It’s fun. So thank you all for being here and sharing part of your day with us and letting us be part of your day. Thank you for joining us, and let us know if you check out any of these apps and your thoughts on them as well. You can go to after this episode, and what should we call it? I don’t know. Apping Out, something like that. It’ll be there, and you can leave comments there or just connect with me on social media. Thank you again, and we’ll see you next time on Modern Photo Solutions.